Expanse Training and Consulting (ETC) provides our clients with customized services with grants, training, and consulting. ETC writes for nonprofits, businesses, and individuals.


ETC provides training and professional development for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits.  ETC supports with planning, single or multi-day professional development (PD) experiences. ETC leverages unique resources and partnerships to support transformational success. ETC creates a customized framework to fit each client’s needs.  


ETC provides change management solutions to assist small businesses and nonprofits in operating more efficiently and effectively. 

Grant writing

Researching potential funding sources, identifying suitable opportunities, writing a comprehensive grant proposal, and submitting it accordingly is what grant writing entails.

Non-Profit Grant

ETC will submit proposals and sponsorships to request funds for operations, programs, and projects.

Business Grant

Proposals to assist with housing, research, healthcare, or public programs.

Education Grant

Students, teachers, and institutions can obtain funding support for education. 

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